The Gooddive: Fashion-forward brands – worth the investment?

The fashion industry is increasingly being scrutinised for the role it plays in creating global environmental issues. With fashion brands The RealReal, Revolve and Levi’s raising impressive amounts in their recent IPO’s, we take a look into the sustainable practises and value of backing each company.

RealReal, Inc (REAL) +0.79% Goodments Score: 75  
Following its $300 million IPO, The RealReal has reached a level of success which experts predict will steadily grow – as consumers, particularly millennials, become increasingly conscious of both the environment and their wallets. According to their recently launched sustainability calculator, The RealReal has shown that, through consignment, the equivalent of 65 million car miles in greenhouse gases and energy have been offset by the company since 2012.

Not bad at all.

Revolve Group Inc (RVLV) +1.19% Goodments score: 65  
Following trends, and setting them through social media, is predicted to result in a long and happy life for Revolve. Stocking brands such as Free People and Calvin Klein (which Good On You rate as “not good enough” in terms of environmental impact, labour conditions and animal welfare), mean Revolve has plenty of room for improvement.

Revolve do recognizes and supports the the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act (2012) (the “Act”), designed to encourage manufacturers and larger retailers to provide consumers with information regarding their efforts to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from their supply chains, to educate consumers on how to purchase goods produced by companies that responsibly manage their supply chains, and thereby, to improve the lives of victims of slavery and human trafficking.

On the upside, it also sells a number of sustainable fashion brands on their platform including Levi’s, which have made sustainable leaps and bounds.

Levi Strause & Co (LEVI) -2.08% Goodments Score: 75
Levi’s, which currently sits on a Tearfund ethical rating of B, has been making some changes. By 2020, Levi’s is aiming to use Water< Less® innovations on 80% of their products – the company claims to have already saved 3 billion litres of water. They also follow a Waste<Less initiative which focuses on recycling fabrics.

With sustainable consumerism and denim popularity on the rise, Levi’s isn’t showing any signs of slowing down in it’s quest to operate fully on their “profits through principles” model.

5 more fashion brands available on Goodments:
Natural Health Trends (NHTC) +1.13% Goodments Score: 52
Lululemon Lemon (LULU) −2.19% Goodments Score: 56 
Ascena Retail Group (ASNA) −8.36% Goodments Score: 50 
Deckers Outdoor (DECK) − 1.28% Goodments Score: 54 
Urban Outfitters (URBN) -0.18% Goodments Score: 51

Top 5 Trending on Goodments
Beyond Meat Inc (BYND) + 2.88% Goodments Score: 75  
Aurora Cannabis (ACB) +1.05% Goodments Score: 46  
Cardiovascular Systems  (CSII) +1.07% Goodments Score: 53  
Clean Tech Fund (PZD:US) -0.70% Goodments Score: 77  
Sun Powered Fund (TAN:US) -1.59% Goodments Score: 74 

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