Goodments Impact Update.

We’re determined to show that investing is not just about making money but also helping to change the world. Responsible investing is all about making a positive impact on the world. But how does Goodments (Good Investments) help you make a better world? Well…we help you find investments that fit your environmental, social and ethical […]


How many reusable bags do you have stacked up by your entryway? Go ahead and think about it. Avoiding plastic is great — but what can you do? ENTER STAGE LEFT ‘FEEL-GOOD’ RESPONSIBLE INVESTING. Never heard of it? No worries, we’re here to help you stay up on your do-gooder game. It’s all about making […]

Turns out we do give a shit.

Millennials often get a bad rap. We’re often painted as a lazy, disengaged lot, who don’t give a shit about much besides smashed avos and the Kardashians. We’ve seen some interesting research lately that shows millennials are quite the opposite. In fact, we really give a shit about the big issues that matter, both within […]


What is Bitcoin and is it an ethical investment?

Bitcoin is the talk of the town right now, mostly because it’s value has risen almost 500% in 2017 alone.   So no surprise, someone asked me the other day if at Goodments we see it as an ethical investment. Now although we don’t pretend to be the authority on what is and isn’t ethical, as an […]

Ethical Investors

Ethical investors looking to invest on their terms

Ethical investing, otherwise know as sustainable or responsible investing is on the rise. Some reports put the growth rates at 86% year on year for the last 3 years,  with billions of dollars now invested ethically around the world. But where is the growth coming from? We at Goodments, a new invetsment app that matches […]


Adieu Paris. Business leaders putting their hands up to take responsibility. 

This weekend we saw Donald Trump make the decision to opt the US out of the Paris climate accord. A global, non-binding,  agreement to limit the increase in global temperatures to 2 degrees, aiming to safeguarding the future of the plant for today’s and future generations.  It initially took America under the leadership of Barak Obama to get […]


Ever wondered how your investments perform when it comes to ethics and sustainability?

It’s sometimes argued that including environmental, social or governance (ESG) factors into your investment decisions isn’t an investment strategy in itself. That may be, but when you consider that sometimes as much as 50% of company’s value is made up of non financial data, if you’re not taking ESG into account, then you probably don’t […]

Inner West

How an inner-west, solar-powered beer project inspires hope for a sustainable future

You would have to agree that those Inner West folk are an eclectic and interesting bunch. At the heart of the inner west is Newtown and its neighbouring suburbs, recognised by its authentic and offbeat style, vintage and artisanal wares, coffee cred, craft beer breweries and communal atmosphere. Think Brooklyn, East London or the Kreuzberg […]

Property Bubble

What to do with your cash until the property bubble bursts

A discussion on how to save for a house and still have smashed avo on toast. This month we heard that Australian Millennials have the second lowest rate of home ownership in the world. On top of that, the Governor of the RBA, Philip Lowe, declared that the current growth in the Australian property market […]

The Future

The future: Which path will you take?

We are coming to the crossroad of competing futures. Some will take what society tells us is the convenient option, assessing the situation and shrugging their shoulders saying “well, there is not much I can do”. They will take the worn and well travelled road, the one with the heavy display of footprints. Stumbling blindly […]