Product Update

Goodments Impact Update.

We’re determined to show that investing is not just about making money but also helping to change the world.

Responsible investing is all about making a positive impact on the world. But how does Goodments (Good Investments) help you make a better world?

Well…we help you find investments that fit your environmental, social and ethical values so you can make all round good investments that hopefully lead to a better world a fuller pocket! Win-win!  Along the way, we donate to amazing charities, help you support great business and avoid the bad, and act as a voice for change.

Three ways our Community is shaping a better world.

Community’s voice of change

As our community grows, so does our voice.  Goodments will soon be engaging with companies based on the actions of our investors. That’s you! To reward the good and influence the bad to change. Watch this space.

You invest, we give

Half a per cent of all new investments are given to charity, so the more you invest, the more we give. This year Goodments is supporting heroes of equality, community development and conservation.

Backing the good stuff. Avoiding the bad stuff

Money talks! Every individual choosing to redirect their money away from companies and business activities that harm the world to ones that either doesn’t harm or has a positive impact on it is creating change. Here is some of the impact the community has had since Nov’18.

Meet our charity heroes. They’re pretty good!

In 2019, Goodments is supporting three charities. Girl Effect, charity:water and Sea Shepherd. Here is a little bit about the great work they do.

Girl Effect: Working where girls are marginalised and vulnerable. Seeking to make a tangible impact on a girl’s self-expression, self-value, relationships and her ability to make choices about her life. Girl Effect impact report. Find out more about these awesome folks here
charity: water. A non-profit bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. 100% of donations, goes providing water to the 663 million people in the world live without clean water. charity: water impact report. Find out more about these awesome folks here
Sea Shepherd. Ending the destruction of habitats, conserving ecosystems, species and safeguarding the biodiversity ocean ecosystems. To ensure their survival for future generations. Sea Shepherd website. Find out more about these awesome folks here

You can join the investment revolution, avoid bad business, and help create a more sustainable future by backing businesses doing good.

Find out more about Goodments at or download the app today.