The Gooddive: Investor frenzy shows Beyond Meat’s got sizzle and steak 

Investor frenzy shows Beyond Meat’s got sizzle and steak 

Today we’re serving up the #1 trending investment on Goodments – Beyond Meat, a plant-based alternative to meat that’s going incognito as the real deal. And it’s tasty – their team of chefs and scientists have developed an uncanny “meaty” taste that makes sworn vegetarians do a double take.

With an impressive Goodments score of 75%*, Beyond Meat is ticking a lot of boxes. It’s not just the cows who’ll avoid a trip to the, uh, big barbeque in the sky. It’s also healthier for us, and alternative proteins help solve issues that traditional meat creates, like greenhouse gas production and deforestation for livestock. Since it can be created on-demand and doesn’t require refrigeration, Beyond Meat also has huge potential for expansion in low-resource countries.

Backed by big-name investors like Bill Gates and Leo DiCaprio, Beyond Meat’s value has continued to skyrocket, making it a great option to grow your personal wealth. With an IPO of $25, the company’s stock value has since increased by almost 500% and is now trading above $160.

Products like this have real potential to change the world, and signal not just a new way of eating, but a new way of thinking. Beyond Meat is hot property, so get a slice of the action on our app today!

Slack goes public

Following Spotify’s lead, collab software Slack has gone for a direct listing over an IPO. With a direct listing no new shares are created, but early investors and employees can sell their shares directly to punters without a middle man with a name like ‘G. Sachs’. This quick-cash route is useful for offering liquidity to shareholders and saves the company on underwriter fees. And it looks like it’s working – Slack stocks opened at $38.50 on the NYSE, far above $26 estimates.

Green Bonds – the power is yours!  

For anyone who’s passionate about climate change, the Green Bonds Fund is a simple and diverse option which bundles together nearly 180 bonds focused on environmental projects, renewable energy and other Captain Planet-style activities. Unlike individual shares, these funds are given a Goodments rating from A – E, with the Green Bonds Fund coming in at a solid B. It’s currently trading at USD $26.81.

Uber vs Lyft 

With car ownership falling, ride-sharing shows no signs of slowing down. Now the question for ethical investing is, Lyft or Uber? They both share a Goodments score of 65%*, but their sustainability commitments might surprise you. In the red corner is Lyft, who’s pledging an annual $50m to community transport services, and has further plans to get 100% of their EVs running on renewable energy. Uber’s sustainability goal is to make every journey a shared one, increasing transportation efficiency.

What is a Goodness Score anyway? 

Throwing it back to the three wise men, we calculate a company’s Goodments Score based on their performance across three key factors: Environmental, Social and Ethical (ESE), rating them from Fantastic, Good, Okay to Bad. To keep it fair we compare each player against industry peers, as well as the global average. By combing through independent ratings, third party data and annual reports, we put their supply chains, partnerships and products under the microscope so you know which shares best suit your values.

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